Annapurna trekking in Nepal

A friend of mine and I did a week long ‘community lodge’ trek through the Annapurna ranges during our trek in Nepal in November 2012. The trek began in Nayapul (about a 1.5 hour drive from Pokhara) where most of the treks through these ranges begin and end. We had a fantastic group, consisting of two English couples and a Swiss guy, as well as a lovely Nepalese crew of porters, Sherpas and trek guide. The particular trek we chose was mainly on the ‘off track’ meaning no other trekkers were with us and we got to walk through local fields and villages, a great way to experience and see real Nepali culture.

Our mornings began at 6.30 am when two of the Sherpa’s would deliver warm water to us for washing purposes. We walked for 6 hours a day, mainly uphill of course and stayed in small lodges that were run by a local family. The lodges were really nice and cozy as we spent most nights sitting around a warm fire. Our staple food on the mountain was Dal Bhat which is a traditional Nepalese meal that was cooked on a clay stove. The food was delicious but nothing could beat the spectacular views that we had along the way of the mountains. We were so fortunate to have beautiful sunny weather, creating picture – perfect sunrises and sunsets.

A definite highlight of the trek was reaching Khopra ridge, 3660 meters above sea level. At this spot, we were completely surrounded by the Dhaulagiri ranges and Annapurna South and just a short walk away from the deepest gorge in the world. The scenery was indescribable and so breathtaking! Sleeping above the clouds was a pretty cool feeling. Our last night in the mountain was celebrated with traditional Nepali music and dancing with all of the trekking crew. It was lots of fun and a great way to end a fantastic week along with learning some new dance moves! The overall experience was invaluable with such positive memories. If you are thinking about trekking in Nepal then Annapurna trekking is much affordable. There are other world famous treks as well like the Annapurna Base Camp trek or the Annapurna Circuit trek which are longer treks.



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