Building a shower room in a Disabled Home

Since the beginning of October I have been here in Nepal. Nepal turned out to be one of the most impressive and diverse countries I have visited. Hospitality got a new definition here for me, kindness and patience are framing the everyday life – I would say a journey to Nepal is a journey to the people. But this is not the only aspect of the country. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world where more than 25% of the population is living below the poverty line. Being here for just a month, I have experienced these contrasts every day.

One of the examples is the disabled home in Kathmandu where I am volunteering since few weeks. There are around 21 mentally disabled students. As a volunteer, I’ve been helping the center by painting the walls, coloring the swing and the benches. I also worked at the sewing class and taught them to make bracelets. I like sharing my knowledge and don’t mind helping the teachers and staff with the everyday work at the center.

Five out of the 21 students who stay at the disabled center are orphans. Few students living there are abandoned by their parents because they don’t know how to handle them. There are two women staffs that live with the disabled children but they don’t have any medical knowledge. Medicine as well is very scarce and not provided to every child. Some windows of the sleeping rooms are broken, food is served every day though but it is very basic. Diapers for children and the totally disabled are expensive and not affordable. Also clean clothes for everybody, towels and toothbrushes are not available.

One of the main problems is that there is no shower installed at the disabled home so the children wash themselves by bucket shower outside at the ground. Because of this some children remain not properly cleaned and there is a lack of hygiene. I saw it is too hard for the women staffs to wash all the 21 students using the bucket shower so a proper shower is necessary for this disabled center. My thought is that if there is a shower, it will be easier for the staff to wash them. Constructing a proper shower room would be a big help for this disabled center.

My aim is to build a shower room so that a general need of every child could be fulfilled – They could stay clean and the hygiene can be maintained. To construct a shower room, we need 500 bricks, 4 bags of cement, a tractor of sand, a steel roof, a door, a water tank and some pipes. Three workers including a plumber would be required for the construction.

But for this I need your help so I am fundraising. If you are interested in supporting my project, then please donate whatever you can on the following bank account:

You can be sure, that the money will be directly invested for the shower construction project. As soon as we are able to fundraise enough money, the construction of the shower room can start. Please see some photos of the Disabled center below.

We are very thankful for every donation.

Best and warms regards from Nepal,

 Elisabeth Gruber

(Elisabeth is from Austria who is volunteering in Nepal with Nepali Host Family at the Disabled home in Kathmandu and she is fundraising for the shower room construction project)

Note: This project was completed on December 15th 2014. Friends and family of Elisabeth donated generously and we were able to fund raise enough money for this project. Thank you to all the great people from Austria and Germany who donated.

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Author: Nepali Host Family

Nepali Host Family is a Non-profit volunteer organization from Nepal which provides Low Cost Volunteering and Internships.

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