Hamromaya Nepal: a charity from Germany starts work in Nepal

Hamromaya Nepal is a charitable organisation based in Germany. It was founded in October 2012. The name of the charity is derived from a Nepali word “hamro maya” which gives a combined meaning “our love”. It is the love which the founders of the charity have for Nepal and the Nepali children that made them establish an organisation to help the underprivileged children of Nepal. The organisation aims in supporting the Nepali children for their education, health by uplifting the standards of the Schools, Orphanages, Child care homes and Disabled homes. Our Non-profit, Nepali Host Family is working together with Hamromaya Nepal.

German charity organisation in Nepal

The members of the charity, Hamromaya Nepal have been fundraising, collecting donations in Germany to organize different projects in Nepal. The Founder of the charity came to Nepal in February 2013 with some projects. The main project was to provide new furniture’s to a school in Kathmandu. The plan was to provide new desks, benches and chairs to the Kindergarten classes of the school. The condition of this school is about average. They need financial or technical support. It was a nice time to provide them the new furniture’s which included 6 Desks, 12 Benches and 12 Chairs. At the same time, we worked on some other projects as well. Buddhist child home is the Orphanage with 35 children. Hamromaya Nepal helped in buying some stationery like note books, pencils and pens. They were also in need of curtains and pillows. So the charity helped to get curtains for fifteen windows. The other important work which we did for the orphanage was taking seven of the kids for eye checkups. These seven kids had poor eye sight and were facing problems in studying. So after checkups at the hospital, 4 kids were provided with the glasses and the prescribed medicine was bought for the other kids.

Another nice project which we accomplished at the same time was buying different supplies for the Disabled rehabilitation school in Kathmandu. Nirmal Bal Bikas Vidyalaya is a disabled rehabilitation school which is in urgent need of help. Hamromaya Nepal provided a small support by buying a Sewing machine, Woolen threads and Cotton clothes for them. They needed this for running their vocational classes. A kerosene stove was also bought for the kitchen of this school.

Hamromaya Nepal e.V. hasn’t even been a year old and already the charity was able to do so much for the Nepalese Children. We would like to sincerely thank all the German citizens who had donated for the different projects of Hamromaya Nepal. Nepali Host Family is proud to have a partner organization like them.

Please visit the website of the German charity: http://www.hamromaya-nepal.org


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