Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara and trek in Nepal

I decided to volunteer and travel Nepal in 2012 where my long journey began through Tibet to Nepal. In Kathmandu, I saw Kathmandu Durbar Square – the ancient palaces and temples of the kings of Nepal, Boudhanath stupa – a mix of Nepali culture and Tibetan Buddhism, Pashupatinath temple – the famous Hindu pilgrimage where cremation of dead bodies takes place. I was traveling as well as volunteering at two placements in Nepal.

I did volunteering for 2 weeks with children at the orphanage and then also at the old age home where old people who do not have their children or very old to be taken care of are provided with food and shelter. I helped the old people by cutting their nails, providing them care, painting their nails. The old people do not speak English and I would not understand what they are saying in Nepali but through gestures and looking at their faces you could know their appreciation. Volunteer work in Nepal was the best memory of my life. The kids and the staff at the orphanage are always happy to see me and nice. They just let you into their world and give you full trust. I saw the most noble eyes, the most beautiful smiles and the best minds during my volunteer abroad experience. This experience has changed my life and has inspired me to come back to this country again and see more.

As a part of my travel, I went to Chitwan national park where I did jungle safari, elephant riding and elephant bathing. From there with my friends I headed to Pokhara – the beautiful valley with lakes, hills and mountains in western Nepal. Paragliding in Pokhara would be the most exciting experience which everyone should go for. I also did Poon Hill trek for 4 days and got to see the local villages, people closely. Walking through the yellow mustard fields, watching animals on the way and keeping the beautiful memory of the mountains and nature within me, the trekking experience was worth it. My stay in a Nepali hostel and the love and support of the Nepali family was a part of my memory also that I am taking back. Nepal is unique, amazing and breathtaking.




Author: Nepali Host Family

Nepali Host Family is a Non-profit volunteer organization from Nepal which provides Low Cost Volunteering and Internships.

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