Nepal is safe destination for traveling

My friends at home were surprised to hear about my travel plans to Nepal. Most of my friends had heard about negative news of  Nepal and were thinking  that Nepal is a dangerous place to visit because of the political situations there. I also didn’t  know what to expect from this trip as I was going there not only as a tourist but also as a volunteer about to get myself involved in doing volunteer work. Anyways I had always wanted to travel Nepal. Nepali Host Family staff also helped me clear doubts about the safety in Nepal.

After landing at the Kathmandu airport, I spoke with some other tourists there who were in queue with me to get visa. Some of them were visiting Nepal for first time and some said that they visit Nepal every year. I got quite positive feed backs about traveling in Nepal from those frequent travelers. I was traveling alone and had to make sure that Nepal would be a safe place for me.

I was in Nepal for ten days traveling as well as volunteering. I traveled to Pokhara and few other places in Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu is full of chaotic traffic and pollution. But to my surprise, everything seemed so safe and peaceful to me. I could walk freely on the streets without much worries. I would go to Boudhanath stupa often as it is peaceful place.

Although I volunteered in Kathmandu for few days, I would never forget the warm welcome of the children at my placement where I worked. I would recommend to see Pokhara, Bhaktapur and Boudhanath to everyone. The local people are friendly and would help you if you are lost or need help. I found Nepal to be safe destination for traveling and for volunteering after my trip.



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