Holi festival in Nepal (festival of colors)

The Holi festival in Nepal is celebrated every year with Great Spirit and joy. This festival of the Hindus also called the ‘festival of colors’ falls on the month of March. The Holi festival is celebrated in Nepal and also in India as it holds cultural significance. According to historical belief, Holi is celebrated in the spirit of ‘victory of good over bad’.

Nepalese people celebrate the Holi festival in Nepal by throwing different colors and water at each other. People gather together at houses or streets and play Holi. The colors can be red, yellow, green, blue, black etc. The youngsters and small kids make water bombs filling water inside plastic bags or balloons and throw at each other. Everyone from the neighborhood, friends, family come together to play Holi and color each other, throw water at each other, eat ‘bhang ko ladoo’, sing and dance. Some youngsters go crazy and throw water balloons called ‘lola’ at strangers as well but as most people enjoy this colorful festival so people might forgive the mischief of the youngsters.

So spraying water, playing with water filled balloons, putting colors on each other is the main attraction of the festival and also it brings people together. Holi is observed as a national holiday in Nepal and celebrated for two days in which in Kathmandu and the hilly regions it is celebrated on the first day whereas in the Terai region of Nepal, on the second day.