Volunteer work in Nepal

I have volunteered in Nepal for the last three years and the time spent there has honestly made Nepal into my second home. Each time I visit Nepal I discover even more reasons why I know I will definitely be returning again and again. A major reason towards making me feeling comfortable in Nepal is from my time spent with a local organization, Nepali Host Family. The first thing which attracted me to this organization was that it is a Non-profit and offers affordable volunteer programs. After actually volunteering with the organization where your money goes is completely transparent. Furthermore the money you actually spend with Nepali host family is a fraction of the cost compared to other expensive for-profit international volunteer organizations!

The second reason to choose Nepali Host Family is the wide variety of volunteer placements where you can volunteer freely and use your ideas and efforts. Personally since my primary area of expertise is working in the education sector, with Nepali Host Family I had the opportunity to do volunteer work with children in 3 completely different places. The first placement was working in a private school with children between the ages of 3 – 14. This volunteer placement really gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing teachers, a fantastic principal and some really talented and friendly students. There I was able to teach from the curriculum, play games, or just spent the time listening to intellectual ideas the students had about many topics.

My second volunteering placement was a Rehabilitation center for mentally challenged children and adults. This was a truly life changing experience because it was my first time volunteering, or working in such a place. There we were able to play with the students and decorated the rooms with posters we made from things we bought from a local supermarket. My last day at the Rehabilitation center ended with many festivities as the students decided to play instruments, sung songs and did some spectacular dancing. As much as it was an emotional time it was celebratory at the same time.

My last placement was volunteering with children in an orphanage. The first thing which immediately struck me about the orphanage was the great amount of respect the children have for visitors.  Predominantly from this respect it made the placement a very warm environment to be in.  What can be done in the orphanage really depends upon what the volunteers want to do. So activities can range from, organizing talent shows, arts and crafts, playing soccer, or even just tutoring the children will definitely be highly appreciated.

Another benefit of volunteering with Nepali Host Family is the volunteer accommodation where you will be living is really accessible to the placements. The volunteer hostel itself is a clean and comfortable place, with the organization staff which really goes out of their way to solve your any problems! The hostel is also very accessible to main public transportation area where there are buses which could take you to different places throughout Nepal. Nepali Host family staff plans many interesting trips to intriguing places which is good for the volunteers. I had the opportunity to visit a cultural site called Manakamana during my volunteer projects in Nepal this year in 2012. It was a nice trip and gave me the opportunity to make friends from around the world.

In sum the volunteer work experience, friends and memories will definitely stay with me forever and I know that for sure I will be back to Nepal again in the near future!