Volunteer organization in Nepal

There are thousands of NGO’s (Non Governmental Organization’s) in Nepal. There are different types of NGO’s working in different sectors such as youth development, community and rural development, health services, rehabilitation, human trafficking, moral development, education, poverty reduction etc. These NGO’s  must work for achieving their various mission’s and remain a Non-profit but today many of these organization’s are working just to attract donation’s from foreign countries. Many social organizations in Nepal say that they work towards the benefit of the society and the country but fail to do so. There are hundreds of National and International volunteer organizations operating in Nepal. It has become hard to find an inexpensive volunteer abroad program.

Among the thousands of NGO’s in Nepal, Nepali Host Family was founded with a different approach. Nepali Host Family is a Non-profit volunteer organization from Nepal. Founded in the year 2006, we are a small Nepali volunteer organization which is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and run by Nepalese social workers. We are a Nepal Government Registered charity with community volunteering and development as our main area of focus. We recruit volunteers from abroad and from the local community itself to achieve our mission of helping the Nepalese community and the people in need.

Nepali Host Family works by mobilizing the skilled or unskilled volunteers in different sectors. Any individual, group or family can volunteer or intern in Nepal in the following different volunteer placements with our volunteer programs.

Internships or Volunteer in schools, teaching English, volunteer in orphanages, volunteer in hospital, Medical and Healthcare volunteering, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation home, Disable care home, Child care homes, Old age homes, Women empowerment and Photojournalism.

We have been providing volunteer abroad and intern abroad programs since many years. Our flexible program is available from one week to five months duration and any individuals from 18 years to 65 years of age can apply. No specific experience is required. The volunteer program is highly affordable.

Some other programs we offer is Nepali Home-stay, Nepalese Language Course, Nepalese Cooking Course, arranging various cultural tours, in Nepal for our volunteers. We offer cultural exchange program as well so that any traveler from abroad can experience the real Nepalese culture and traditions closely.

Please get detail information from our website or feel free to contact us.

Find us on the web:   www.nepalihostfamily.org