Supporting a Community school in Nepal

There are hundreds of community schools in Nepal. Many of them are run by the local community and the government of Nepal provides most of the funds to run the school. Many community schools in Nepal are also supported by some national and International Non-governmental organizations. Shree Mahankal Secondary School is a local government school located at Kavre district, Nepal. The school is situated at Dev Bhumi village development committee at Bela, Kavre, Nepal. Nepali Host Family and Hamromaya Nepal first ran project at the school to help the local children. In September 2013, we organized a Medical outreach at Shree Mahankal Secondary School with the technical support of Kathmandu university Dhulikhel hospital. Now coming in 2014, we have supported this school again and this time to transform its classrooms. This school was established in 1990. It has about 350 students and twelve classrooms.

Our project to support the community school

The classroom walls looked dirty when we first visited the school in 2013. The colors had faded and it looked like the classrooms needed immediate improvement. The Principal of the school told us that it had been more than ten years that the classrooms haven’t been painted. Our organization, Nepali host family and Hamromaya Nepal decided to change the classrooms of the school by giving it a new paint. We provided funds to the school for painting of all twelve classrooms. Hamromaya Nepal wanted to provide the school new study materials as well. So study material of different subjects like English, Science, Math, Geography and other were handed over to the school Principal. Different maps of the world, maps of Nepal and educational materials were provided to the school.

After the paint, In order to improve the classrooms more, we supported the school by providing new classroom management furniture’s. The classroom management furniture includes a table, a chair and a cupboard for every classroom. As every classroom will have a cupboard so it will be useful for the teachers to store student files and reports safely in the class. As classroom management can be very costly so many community schools in Nepal do not have it. Our organization will continue the projects to support the community school in Nepal.

Government school in Nepal

The condition of government school in Nepal is not good compared to the private schools. The budget given by the government of Nepal for the local community schools is inadequate. Many government schools in Nepal suffer from many problems. The two major problems of the government schools in Nepal is lack of resources and management. The Painting of the classrooms and the donation of the classroom management materials and the educational materials to Shree Mahankal Secondary school at Kavre has helped the school in many ways. Our support has enabled this community school to uplift its physical infrastructure.

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